Lunette Le Seng is one of the many main characters in Ragnarok City. She is the twin sister of Fenrir, and is called by many other characters, including some cult members and her own brother, the Bride to Death.


Unlike her brother, Lunette is seemingly impossible to anger, and is smiles and giggles at most times. On the inside, is where she expresses her disdain, and judgemental thoughts, however. Though her demeanor seems cheerful, Lunette is rather forward and headstrong. She hides biting remarks behind flirty smirks, and puppy-dog eyes. If you’re special, or just plain unlucky, you may catch her in one of her more depressed moods. The only people she consistently shows loyalty to, is Fenrir and Alex. Even though she seems cheerful most of the time, Lunette is easy to hold grudges, as seen when SPOILER. Lunette is also seen as having a soft spot for chilren and teens.


Lunette is described as having an athletic and slightly curvy build, but on the slender side. In contrast to Fenrir, her hair is platinum blonde, feathery and straight. She wears it quite long, to her waist, and with it pulled into a partial topknot. Attire consists of black, flowy and elegant clothing. A jewled choker is around her neck, and Lunette often sports dark make-up and black lipstick. Based on how consistently she is depicted wearing lingerie or revealing-type clothing, it can be assumed that she enjoys showing off skin. Besides the ears, Lunette's tongue and laberet are pierced.



  • Lunette's real-life face claim and inspiration is Kerli Koiv.
  • Lunette is French for "Little Moon"