Fenrir Le Seng is one of the main characters of the Ragnarok City series. The story's main plot is thrown into action when Fenrir dies, only to reawaken at his funeral.


Sometimes, Fenrir says very profound things. Since he doesn’t like to be serious, however, he’ll try to change the subject with a tasteless joke. Fenrir is very playful, and can’t seem to stop running his mouth. Even though he likes to flirt, he becomes very flustered if flirted back with by someone he actually likes. He also has an "unfortunate" resting pout face. He also has a tendency to act immaturely, like a child, so is prone to, well, “tantrums.” Long story short, he can get rather violent toward inanimate objects (and the occasional person), when things don't go his way…. Fenrir also likes starting/fueling conflict because it’s usually amusing to him, so you could also say he’s something of a sadist. Glutton for punishment, would likely be a more fitting term. Out of everything, he is fiercly protective (maybe even possessive) of his twin sister, Lunette.

It is also noted that he enjoys metal and alternative music, if the various band-related merchandise he sports is a hint enough.


Fenrir is described as being slender and pale, with dark brown hair. His eyes are worded in two different ways usually: green or hazel, though it is noted that in certain lights, they appear a muddy blue. His hair is on the shorter side, a couple of inches past his chin, and curls in random spots. Overall, it is wavy and a bit messy, to quote his sister. There are detailed, coloured tattoos all over his torso, arms and legs and back that he aqcuired over 5 years before turning 24. His tongue, lips, and ears are pierced, and Fenrir sports snake-bites, a labret, and several in both of his ears. In certain scenes, Fenrir is described as wearing eyeliner.

Manner of dress is called comfortable but sophisticated, as he will often wear button-ups under vests, or jackets over top of nice shirts. Fenrir is shown to enjoy wearing oversized clothing, as he often will don a quoted "Marilyn Manson" sweatshirt whose sleeves creep over his fingers. Incorporating a bit of his sexual nature, Fenrir will take to hanging his pants low enough to expose his hip bones, shirts that don't quite reach his midriff, and foregoing underwear.

When having visions, Fenrir is written as having all colour drain from his skin, and his eyes cloud over white. Cracks begin to appear in his face where his veins should be, and he will get the occasional nosebleed.



  • Fenrir's real life face-claim is a younger Ville Valo.
  • Fenrir is the only male character whose eyes are green.
  • Fenrir's name comes from Norse Mythology; Fenrir is a Wolf who swallows the sun, which is the premise to the Norse Apocalypse, aka, Ragnarok.