Dean Morgan is one of the main characters of Ragnarok City. He is a famous model and musician, and has an immense social media following.


Usually seen as the laidback and mature type, Dean mentally regards people harshly. He genuinely only likes a select few people, and has an almost obssessive personality. The personality that people usually see from Dean, is that of someone who is charming, calm and empathetic. 


According to several characters, Dean's ethnicity and race is hard to pin down because of his "clearly brown" skin and "surprisingly red" hair. A common adjective used to describe him is freckled. Lunette, and sometimes Fenrir and Alex, are shown describing him as having "constant bedroom eyes" because of how his eyes are shaped. His eyes are also amber, a trait that apparently helped him land his modeling job. His lips are pierced, and he often wears two hoops on the left side of his bottom lip. His left arm is tattooed with skulls and objects from Horror Movies, and there is a winged skull on his back. Everyone who has met him and his mother, are shocked at how much they look alike, though Dean has never been described as looking feminine. It is implied that his amber-coloured eyes are from his father.

"Dean Morgan has a lot of hair... I mean, serious amounts of hair. It may not look like it because of his undercut and that ponytail it's usually kept in, but you need to take a look at some of his photoshoots. The boy's hair is volumous and thick. It's to die for."- Lunette Le Seng about Dean's hair

"What is he, Latino or what? Never seen someone that looks like he does."

"Guess that's why he's a famous model. They sure like unique beauties."

Lunette and Fenrir discussing Dean's appaerance



  • Dean can be concluded to be the Author's favourite character.
  • Dean's full name "Dean Morgan" is, interestingly enough, one name away from being Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Was this done on purpose? Probably.
  • The Quote in the background of this wiki is Dean's. His exact words were, "Living people keep me busy enough. If you think I have time to deal with the dead with any sort of patience, then you are wrong. I don't have time for corpses." In a rare moment of showing his true colours to the public, Dean replies to an interviewer about his status as a suspect in a string of killings in his home-city.