This page lists all the characters, minor or main, that appear in the Ragnarok City Series.

Main Characters are the characters that are the central focus of the story and/or series.

Supporting characters are just as frequent as Main Characters, but are not the story's main focus. Like the name suggests, they are usually there in support of a main character in some way, or they help move the plot along.

Minor characters are either background characters, or less important characters whose story involvement is either minimal or not as important.

Background characters are either world-fillers, or role-fillers.

Ragnarok CityEdit

Main CharactersEdit

Fenrir Le Seng

Lunette Le Seng

Dean Morgan

Alex Norman

Bishop Monroe

Kieran Lutz

Supporting CharactersEdit

Henry Martel

Will Roseheart

Lillian Mowery

Ivan Romanov

Eva Crues

Maddox Blues

Maria Norman

Minor CharactersEdit

Roberto Le Seng

Maxine Le Seng

Victoria Roseheart

Father Johnson

Maxel Blues

Dante Everman

Background CharactersEdit

Christian Ratliff

Avery Becker

Taylor Morrison

Hayley Way

Cole Way

Michael Johnson

Briana Harman

Tyler Ackerman

Matias Sanches

Jesse Martin