Bishop Monroe is an FBI agent that appears in Ragnarok City. He is one of the story's main characters.


Bishop is imperious and stoic. He's a hard working business-only kind of guy. He doesn't seem to be keen to letting people get close to him. He's analytical and precise, and plans his actions thoroughly before acting upon them. His attitude is often mistaken as rude and cold, but he was taught to be this way by his parents. Once you get to know him, he's not too bad. It takes a little effort to open him up to friendships. He's very overprotective of people he feels connected to. He's the type of person you'd go to for a dirty job to be done under the table.


Bishop is relatively tall, thin, and has dark hair and pale eyes.


Born into a very strict family, Bishop never had any time for fun and games. His parents were very political individuals and always intended to keep the balance with stern rules he and his siblings had to follow. His pack consisted of werewolf supremacists, and to serve their kind was the most honorable thing to do. He was pressured to study hard, which made him intelligent, but emotionally absent. His smaller pack had integrated with the larger one, and he dedicates himself fully to the cause albeit as shaky as it is. He works as an agent of the FBI, keeping his identity a secret and keeping a profile as an average human being.

Ragnarok CityEdit