Alexander "Alex" Norman is one of the younger protagonists amongst the main characters in Ragnarok City. 


Alex is an emotional, typically gloomy and shy teen. Despite the seductive persona he plays to get customers, his self-esteem is rather low. He is seen to cry easy, whether happy, sad, or angry. It is also apparent he holds a lot of resentment toward his mother, for forcing him into prostituion, which is completely understandable.


"Convincingly feminine" is a term repeatedly used in reference to Alex, as he has a thin and slightly shapely frame, especially for a boy. He is on the shorter side for someone his age, but it's not uncommon. His hair, worn typically (by instruction of his mom) in two, low-hanging ponytails, is strawberry blonde. His mother often does his make-up to make him appear even girlier. Alex often wears oversized hoodies, including colours like pinks and white, and other soft colours.